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3D Printer Donations/Sponsorships

Donations and Sponsorships of 3D Printers for Prosper ISD Elementary GT classrooms


Coming Summer 2017

Accepting Nominations for Treasurer
May 2017

Gifted Minds Prosper is currently seeking a Treasurer position. Please nominate yourself or a friend using this link: 


The Treasurer role will take approximately 1-3 hours a month during the school year.  Gifted Minds Prosper is flexible with your time commitment.  Monthly board meetings are kid friendly, and the other potential time commitments would be the quarterly evening symposiums, occasional fundraisers and events.  

Responsibilities of Treasurer: 

- Manages and reports on the organization’s finances
- Ensures the Board’s financial policies are being followed 
- Maintains bank accounts 
- Oversees all financial transactions  
- Files financial statements for legal and tax purposes
- Checks details of credit card or spending authorization 


*** Voting for the Treasurer position will take place in June.  Ballots will be emailed to all members.

Career Spotlights
June and July 2017

Please check our calendar for our upcoming Career Spotlight events. These events give your students a chance to get up close to a profession they may be interested in such as being a Lawyer, Opthamologist, Doctor or Orthodontist.

Game Nights
Summer 2017

We are planning 1-2 Game Nights with Mathnasium after the huge success of our similar event last Spring. Details will be announced soon.

3D Printer Update

As of 2/17/2017, Gifted Minds Prosper has helped the district purchase 3D printers for all the elementary schools and two middle schools.

Special thanks to the Stovall family whose donation allowed the district to purchase a 3D printer for Light Farms Elementary.


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If you shop at Kroger, please consider linking your account to Gifted Minds Prosper for Community Rewards. Every quarter, Kroger donates a percentage of the amount you spent to nonprofit organizations such as ours to help our community. 

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